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RevUP Mantana

RevUp Montana

RevUp Montana is a workforce project supported by a $25 million dollar grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. RevUp Montana worked to create short-term degree, certificate and apprenticeship programs that lead students into high-wage, high-demand jobs in Montana. Filling these jobs with skilled, experienced workers was designed to help increase employment, strengthen Montana businesses, and grow the economy.

RevUp training programs were unique in several ways:

  • As a collaborative efforts between colleges in the state and Montana’s Department of Labor and Industry, students were provided direct access to a wider variety of financial and non-financial supports to help make training affordable. Additionally, RevUp Workforce Navigators worked to help students understand the qualifications for financial support.
  • RevUp programs allowed students to obtain industry-recognized credentials and academic certificates at the same time. If students were unable to complete a whole academic program, the student would still be able to demonstrate any progress made to employers through the industry-recognized credentials they had earned.
  • While most high-wage jobs still require 1-2 years of training, most RevUp programs offered students the opportunity to complete shorter segments of programs (called “Tiers”) and enter the workforce with the ability to demonstrate the skills they had gained. When students were able to re-enter training, they could generally re-enter training where they left off.
  • Students completing tiers could earn a Certificate of Technical Skills (CTS) from participating colleges even if they did not continue their training to obtain higher (CAS, AAS and BS) degrees.
  • Efforts worked to align RevUp programs with existing and new apprenticeship opportunities around the state. Apprenticeships generally offer students an opportunity to earn a wage while they were gaining hands-on skills from a Montana employer and also continuing their classroom based learning.

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