Date: 2018/01/26

Science at the College kicks off Feb. 9

Dr. Dan Casmier, chemistry instructor at Great Falls College MSU, performs a Science at the College experiment showing the flammability of club moss. GFC MSU Photo

GREAT FALLS – Science at the College demonstrations at Great Falls College MSU are back for spring semester with the first demonstration to be held Friday, Feb. 9.

This spring semester, Great Falls College MSU chemistry instructor Dr. Dan Casmier will again offer fun science demos that are free and open to the public.

These science experiments are presented in a way that actively engages the audience. The demonstrations are casual and informal, and often hands-on.

"My goal with Science at the College is to make science fun and approachable," Casmier said.

This semester, attendees will see how a souped up microwave can melt metal and how lenses can harness and concentrate the sun's power. They will also learn about mixing colors and color blindness, and will see a 55-galon drum implode.

Each experiment takes place on the Great Falls College MSU campus, 2100 16th Ave. S., on the dates listed below, all Fridays:

  • Feb. 9
  • March 9
  • April 6
  • April 27

Based on the experiment, the time and location change. Details will be posted on the College's website ( and Facebook page ( in the week before the demo

Science at the College is free and open to the public and is appropriate for all ages.

For more information, contact:

Lewis Card
Executive Director—Development, Communications & Marketing
Phone: 406.771.4412

Erin Granger
Marketing Specialist
Phone: 406.771.4314

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