For information about the COVID-19 global outbreak and for Great Falls College MSU updates, please visit the CDC website, the Great Falls College COVID-19 page and the Great Falls College Healthy Spring 2021 page.

Great Falls College MSU plan for COVID-19 Higher Education Emergency Funding (HEERF and HEERF II) Student Distribution

In the spring of 2020, Great Falls College MSU received $845,222 in federal funds as a result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act HEERF).  Of these funds, $431,737 was distributed as direct grants to students in response to disruption to campus operations due to COVID-19 concerns.  In January, Great Falls College MSU received an additional $1,730,333 in Higher Education Emergency Relief funding authorized by the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021 (CRSSA HEERF II).  By law, at least $422,611 of the HEERF II funds must be given to students for use toward any component of the cost of attendance or for emergency funding related to COVID 19.  Following federal guidelines, and in consideration of available funding, the college has identified groups of eligible students. The US Department of Education requires us to post the below information:

  • Great Falls College MSU received $845,222 in HEERF I, of which at least $422,611 was spent on direct to student grants.
Reporting Date Funds Distributed Estimated Eligible Students Students Receiving Grants
5/14/2020 $208,000 570 322
6/30/2020 $267,235* 570 400
8/14/2020 $267,880* 570 400
09/30/2020 $267,880* 570 400
12/30/2020 $431,737* 670 521

*totals for all categories are cumulative

    • For information on how HEERF I funds were distributed, please see information under side bar titled 'HEERF I (CARES Act)'.


  • Great Falls College MSU received $1,730,333 in HEERF II, of which at lesat $422,611 was spent on direct to student grants.
Reporting Date Funds Distributed Estimated Eligible Students Students Receiving Grants
3/31/2021 $817,188 661 661


    • To qualify for HEERF II funds, students must be enrolled Spring 2021 as of census (or as of the no-show reporting period for 2nd block only) and must have filed a FAFSA as of that date.
    • The amount of the grant varies based on factors related to student type, enrollment status, FAFSA filing status, and Pell grant eligibility.
    • Distributions will made to qualifying students automatically. No application is required.
    • Distributions will be provided directly to the student without withholding any amount for institutional charges the student may owe and will not be counted as Estimated Financial Assistance when considering eligibility for Title IV funding.
    • While the college does not plan to apply grant funding to unpaid student accounts, CRSAA allows for this with explicit authorization by the student. GFCMSU will not seek this authorization. If students would like to use these funds for payment to the college for an outstanding balance, they may do so by cashing your check and then making an independent payment.