Board of Regents policies governing the use of university information technology apply to all University faculty, staff, students, and patrons. All users of  information technology at Great Falls College MSU must comply with Great Falls College MSU Policies, MSU Enterprise IT policies as well as Board of Regents policies, state and federal law.

If a conflict in any policy should arise, the governing order of the policy shall be:

1.  Montana Board of Regents
2.  MSU Enterprise IT Policy
3.  Great Falls College MSU Policy


Great Falls College MSU Information Technology Policies




701.1 Campus Networking    
701.2 Computer and Network Usage    
702.1 Student Computer Room Usage    
703.1 Student Email    
704.1 Electronic Communication Devices for College Business  704.1.1  ECD Application
705.1 Peer-to-Peer    
706.1 Data Stewardship    


Montana State University Enterprise Information Technology Policies

Acceptable Use Policy
Asset Management Policy
Alleged Copyright Infringement Response Policy
Data Stewardship Policy
Finance Policy
Governance Policy
Resource Management Policy
Security Incident Response Policy
Technology Management Policy


Montana Board of Regents Information Technology Policies:

1300.1 Security of Data and Information Technology Resources
1302 Privacy, Security, and Monitoring
1303 Employees
1303.1 User Responsibilities
1303.2 Internet Services
1303.3 Electronic Mail
1304 Students
1304.1 User Responsibilities
1304.2 Internet Services
1304.3 Electronic Mail
1305 Patrons
1305.1 User Responsibilities
1306 Logging On and Off Computer Resources
1307 Internet Reporting

Disposal of Computers