Mary Kay BonillaMary Kay Bonilla is the Executive Director of Human Resources.  The Human Resources Department provides direct service and specialized consultation to faculty, staff and administration. The major areas of service delivery are:  compensation and salary administration, classification, recruitment and staffing, benefits administration, employee and labor relations, training and development opportunities, awards and recognition and policies/procedures and compliance.
Human Resources and the Executive Director’s Goals for FY 2012

Campus Morale Survey: We all envision a campus community that is vibrant, proud, and passionate about the work undertaken.  In the past few years, we have been challenged internally and externally by change, both desired and not.  It is important to now gauge the campus morale to assess those areas we must attend to and also assuage worries the campus community may have and how it impacts the overall campus climate.

Adjunct Faculty Recruitment:  It is important to formally establish a support system to the academic division for the recruitment of adjunct faculty.  

Director and Cabinet Level Evaluations:  Working with the 360 Feedback document revise the professional Director and Cabinet evaluation tool to better reflect the mission, vision and values of the College.