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Academic Affairs is responsible for instructional and academic issues and includes the following areas: the Division of General Studies; the Division of Trades; the Division of Health Sciences; the Weaver Library; the Division of Lifelong Learning, and the Academic Success Center (ASC).

Led by the Division Directors Team, a group of innovative and creative academic leaders at Great Falls College MSU, Academic Affairs is committed to student completion through a strong focus on excellence in teaching and learning.  We are absolutely passionate about having an educated community and, as teachers at heart, we espouse that the strongest foundation for persistence is what the student experiences in the classroom, lab, and clinic.

As a team, the Division Directors believe that Great Falls College MSU is the preeminent two-year college in the state of Montana.  It is our intent to advance the college’s mission through a collaborative effort supported by the belief that we are accountable to the public; responsive to the community; solicitous of partnerships with business, industry, and education, and grounded in the standards and expectations of the disciplines we teach.  It is the student who is the center of our attention and efforts.

Contact information

Toni Quinn - Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer

Toni Quinn
Academic Affairs Coordinator