Assessment Resources for Faculty

This page offers links to forms, instructions, and other resources to support faculty through the assessment process.

Campus Syllabus Template

Course-Level Assessment

Faculty are responsible for assessing student learning in their courses. Student learning assessment results at the course level will be reviewed and aggregated at the program/department level, but are not tied to individual faculty.

Faculty Course Reflection Template (Required)

    • Use this document to reflect on student learning at the course level. Use a different document for each course (not section). 

    • Faculty should reflect on their courses following the assessment plan and schedule for their department/program.

    • Completed reflection forms should be emailed to

Common Course Outline and Curriculum Map (optional)

    • To help with planning and to maintain consistency between sections of the same course, General Studies department chairs are encouraged to create and maintain updated common course outlines and curriculum maps. All sections of the course should adhere to the topical outline and outcomes indicated in this document. 

Learning Outcomes Assessment Form (formerly the Phase IV)--optional

    • This form is no longer required. Faculty may use it for their own data tracking. 

Programmatic Assessment

Department/Program Assessment Plan

    • Programs and General Studies departments create plans which include curriculum maps, multi-year assessment schedules, and department/program-specific assessment information. A draft of this document has been sent to each department chair and program director. 

    • The assessment plans will be reviewed annually and updated as needed.

    • Completed plans can be viewed on theAssessment Plans page.

An annotated assessment plan document is available.

A brief overview of the assessment process with information about the assessment plan and faculty reflection documents can be viewed below:

Institutional Assessment

Full implementation of the revised assessment process will begin in fall 2020. 

Institutional Assessment Process


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