Institutional Assessment Reports

The institutional assessment report is created by aggregating information from departmental and program annual reports. The goal of the institutional assessment report is to examine student learning assessment at a high level, focusing on College Learning Outcome and High Impact Practices data. 

2019-2020 annual institutional assessment report  

Department and Program Assessment Reports

As faculty complete course reflections, following their department/program assessment plans, the Director of Assessment and the Teaching & Learning Center will aggregate reflection data to create annual department/program assessment reports.  

The annual reports emphasize the broader picture of student learning assessment at the department/program level. 

Due to COVID-19, only full-time faculty participated in student learning assessment reporting for AY 2019-2020. Because of this, not all programs/departments have reports for that academic year. Additionally, because some areas have few full-time faculty, some areas' assessment reports are not included here due to limited data that could not be disaggregated.  

General Studies

Accounting 2019-2020 Program Report

Arts, Education, & Languages Department Report--included in AA/AS 2019-2020 report 

Associate of Arts/Associate of Science 2019-2020 Program Report

CIT- Information Systems Support Program Report

CIT- Network Support and Security Program Report

Computer Programming Program Report

Cybersecurity Program Report

English Department 2019-2020 Report 

History & Cultural Studies Department Report--included in AA/AS 2019-2020 report 

Math Department 2019-2020 Report

Natural Sciences Department Report--included in AA/AS 2019-2020 report 

Social Sciences and Communication Department Report--included in AA/AS 2019-2020 report 

Health Sciences

BIology Department 2019-2020 Report

Dental Assistant Program Report 

Dental Hygiene 2019-2020 Program Report 

EMS/Paramedic Program Report

Health Information Coding Specialist 2019-2020 Program Report

Health Information Technology Program Report

Physical Therapy Assistant 2019-2020 Program Report

Nursing Program Report

Respiratory Therapy Program Report

Surgical Technology 2019-2020 Program Report


Industrial Technician Program Report

Welding Program Report


Updated 12/22/20

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Mandy Wright
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